Workflow Scrivener to TextMate to WordPress

Markdown Test

I’m writing this in scrivener to then test converting it with TextMate for posting in wordpress.

The general idea here is to use a very simple markdown language that makes writing simpler and easier to read without having to go through all the problems of html conversion. The other idea is that if you only have the plain text, the document is still extremely readable. They use a new acronym called WYSIWYM – What You See Is What You Mean.

I agree that one problem with HTML is that the source is often very, very difficult to read. The interjection of tags and elements can make a document difficult to decipher. Even Scrivener suffers from the over complication syndrome. Literally they create a span for an apple space. Really?
Is that necessary?


Here are a few of the websites I found that lead me to try this workflow.

  1. Practically Efficient.
  2. Ice To the Brim.

The author of Ice To the Brim also uses a really nice piece of screencasting software called: ScreenFlow by Telestream. Looks really impressive.

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