Using Scrivener + TextMate + WordPress

I’m pretty impressed with the simplicity of using Markdown as a writing format. It’s concise, simple and powerful. However there are a few features about using a workflow like this.

First, why not the browser?

Just exactly right now I wanted to change this into a header and in the browser instead of writing, I’m thinking about clicks and menus and markup to make that happen. Even with a great tool like TextExpander for the Mac it’s a distraction. With Markup it’s a few key strokes. That’s why I use Tiddlywiki as my development notebook instead of WordPress. I can simply write FASTER. I probably should take a stab at putting Tiddlywiki’s parser into a wordpress plugin, but who has time right?

Another problem with the browser is speed. Saving, updating, waiting, sometimes on my host can be slooooowww. With TextMate I can get instant previews. So writing on a native app is quicker and more responsive.

But what could go wrong?

The main problem I have with Scrivener + TextMate + WordPress is that invariably as I move through the pipeline I want to make changes. I discover formatting anomolies. Places were I needed to add an extra return, or a spelling mistake I didn’t catch in Scrivener. Then as I read it, I want to make minor tweaks in the text to polish the prose.

The real issue

Is that these changes are not easily transported backward through the pipeline. That means my long term record needs to be handled in the final target, and the first couple of steps are only about initial production.

I suppose I could just use TextMate, but it does not organize nor archive information the way Scrivener does (it’s real strength). So there you have it.


  • Scrivener is powerful for organizing text and references
  • Textmate is responsive and quick with formatting and previews


  • Changes in the later stages are not easily converted back through the pipeline.

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