Summer Baseball

Corona Incoming Freshmen Baseball League.

This summer I was asked to coach my son’s summer high school baseball team. The program is part of the incoming freshmen league, a part of an informal collection of 13 high schools that offer summer camp-like summer leagues. I say camp-like because in our program we do not cut players unless there is an absolute safety issue.

The nice thing about this program and the way it is structured because it is open to all players is that we can rent the school facilities like any community based program and we can put together some outstanding coach and skill clinics.

Education is meant for everyone. Personally I really prefer this format because you never know when someone will step up and grow into their potential. So much emphasis is put on identifying youth talent that we are pushing players younger and younger into choosing a specific sport.

Of course it is fun to coach talented players who can execute at a high level. However, as a coach I believe we should try to help each player achieve the highest potential of which they are capable of achieving. This idea was put forward by John Wooden. Success is about becoming the best you are capable of becoming.

Summer ball has been a chance to practice that again and it is fun.

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