My New Look

Well, this took a lot longer than I expected but I have revamped my website to something I am much happier with. Setting up a WordPress blog is easy. Getting a WordPress blog to look the way you want? Wow is that another story.

This new theme took some work. This is a WooTheme, and the particular flavor is Canvas. There are some really great new features such as the tabbed side widget SideBar. There is now also integration with Instagram – which I have really started to enjoy using, and there is better support for Tumblr style “tumblogs”.

I think the best feature of this new theme is the streamlines clean look. Posts are consistently presented with a nice thumbnail, and there are icons for the links, quotes, and everything else. Also the color theme suits me better.

I hope you find the site usable and useful.  I plan to share a lot of the content I’ve built up over the years. I really plan to build out more information on Baseball, and Building a business. Two activities I spend a lot of time on.

– Scott

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