Finding a Voice

With 2017 It’s time to start anew. I have been running this blog since… well it feels like since WordPress 1. something. Needless to say it was getting a little long in the tooth. I started it to share information with other baseball families, then anyone who shared my passion for baseball while I was actively coaching. Two years ago I thought I would turn it into a series of business articles.

However, with the explosion in all kinds of media, what goes where? I write a weekly newsletter for my franchisees. And some of that information might be suitable for general publication and business, but most of it is for the benefit of our system only. Facebook, seems like the best place to post about my family where the people who really know me might see it and comment.

Linked in has become a sort of blog ground for business, so what is the purpose of this space?

In short, who are you who is reading this?

Chances are you have come to this page for one of three reasons.

  1. You are friend or family.
  2. You are evaluating GameTruck and you want to know more about me, so this blog gives you some more ideas.
  3. A few of my SEO optimized pages drew your search (like Baseball Sims), and although they still rank they are woefully out of date.

Since my friends and family follow me on Facebook, and I have no desire to become a professional reviewer of baseball strategy games, that leaves me one somewhat clear audience. Partners, friends, or people who know me professionally. You can find my resume on LinkedIn easily enough, but my thoughts I will post here. They will cover the range of topics that will likely mirror the sort of things I share with my fellow partners and owners within the GameTruck brand. Having said that, I am discovering a growing number of fellow Entrepreneurs and business owners who share my interests in sports, competition, philanthropy and general business thought leadership.

In short, if you want to run a successful business today you need to be constantly developing yourself, your team, and your company on many fronts. This blog in 2017 will represent my current musings on those topics.

— Scott

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