My Story

I hated baseball growing up. I was that kid in right field, the one kicking dandelions and watching daisy’s. I didn’t even know how to throw a baseball until I was in my 30’s. When my son was three he started to play t-ball at the YMCA with his friends. I decided that I wanted him to
have a different experience than me. I wanted someone to teach him the game.

A Decade Later

I have been coaching young boys (and girls) baseball, and I want to share with you what I have learned.  Little League teams I have coached have won back to back league championships, back to back district all star championships, and more than 20 club base tournaments.   I want to share with you the best techniques I have found for teaching baseball to children.

District Champions Baseball is a funny game. Simple to grasp, difficult to master. Many people look at the game of baseball without understanding it and dismiss it (like I used to) or marvel at something they cannot understand.

What I want to share with you is that you can use baseball as a vehicle to develop a closer relationship with your son, and in the process of teaching him the game, teach him about life.

Boys today are in dire need of role models, and I believe that no role model can be more positive, more influential, and more lasting than the right kind of coach. I am talking about the kind of coach who believes in you, believes in your potential and is willing to help you achieve it.

Coach vs Teacher

I started out wanting to teach baseball, but along the way I learned the difference between a coach and a teacher.  Teaching – as we think of it in schools – is largely focused on helping students conform to a predetermined standard.  At the end of each “season” there is often an assessment to see how well students and teachers did.   Coaching on the other hand is more about maximizing potential in the context of competition.   A coach tries to find some way, any way, that will help a player achieve a set of open ended goals.  A teacher great teacher instills a lifelong love of learning.  A great coach instills a lifelong love of challenge.

In truth, great teachers and great coaches do both.

My Goal

Rings!Rings!My goal is to share with you my passion for baseball and helping young kids achieve their potential.  I believe anyone can coach if they are willing to learn, to be humble, and to spend some time out kicking the dirt with the kids. It is my hope to help you have more fun and confidence so you can be a role model for your kids as you teach them the fine game of baseball.

My Job

I am the founder and CEO of Game Truck, the leading mobile video game business in the country. I spent more than 10 years leading game development and design teams with the Walt Disney Company & Rainbow Studios. However, there came a point where I had to choose between family and career.  I decided to stay in Arizona which meant giving up perhaps the best “job” I ever had, with the Walt Disney Company.

Between Rainbow and the Walt Disney company, I kicked around a few ideas and eventually settled on this one crazy thing.  What if we created the ideal local area network party for kids?  Only instead of using personal computers we would use video game consoles.  From my experience, I thought the best games to play with your friends were on consoles anyway.  So in 2006, I build the first mobile video game theater.  In 2008, I moved back from Salt Lake City (where I had started Fall Line Studios for the Walk Disney company) and started to franchise GameTruck.

Me and My Brain Child.Me and My Brain Child.It’s been almost 10 years since all of that began, we now have franchises around the country and we have literally entertained millions of kids.

You know, I graduated from Arizona State University with two engineering degrees, I earned 11 patents, I helped guide the development of 15 video games, but never did I think I would have an idea that would make so many millions of kids and families happy.  GameTruck and my franchise owners have been great to work with.   I hope if you are thinking of hosting a party you choose the original.  A lot of blood sweat and tears went into bootstrapping this business.  

Either way though, I hope you enjoy playing with my idea as much as I enjoyed creating it.  It’s hard to complain when your business is as much fun as any game.