How to Make a Digital First Aid Kit

I Use This: Gear Ties, Sea To Summit Ultra Mesh Bag, Jabra Drive

I have been traveling a lot lately and as I sit here in my LA Hotel room, I reflected on several things that make my road warrior lifestyle a little easier. Perhaps the most important one, is my Digital First Aid Kit

Tired of always scrambling to find a charger or cable in my backpack, I decided to get organized. I went to REI and picked up a 6.5L Sea to Summit Ultra mesh bag – think of a scuba net bag only much, much smaller. These are also called “Ditty bags” by campers and they are meant to keep small loose things organized in your backpack or rucksack. I have round they work great for cables.

The big advantage with this kind of bag is that you can see everything inside of it without opening it. What’s more, being mesh, it is stronger and less split-prone than a clear plastic bag.

Full Bag

Then I assembled:

  • one colored usb car charger
  • one colored usb “wall wart”
  • an ipad caliber usb wall charger (for fast charges)
  • Two USB to lightening adapters
  • Two USB to Micro usb cables
  • A PNY spare battery
  • Spare set of earbuds
  • Spare Aux cable

Travel Bag

And then I tie all my cables together with Gear Ties. Gear Ties by Nite Ize are extremely useful rubberized reusable twist ties. They make it easy for me to keep all my little cables together and keep them from doing the “tangle dance”.

In truth my bag has gotten slightly more cluttered with a few more odds and ends like my Jabra Drive Speaker Phone (Best bluetooth speaker phone I have ever seen. Check it out on Amazon, it has like 1200 reviews) and a spare superman led flashlight I got from Magic Mountain in California, but all in all this bag holds what I need to charge anything, any where and let me hook my phone up to virtually any rental car.

So far my favorite use for a Gear Tie is to make my cheap knock-off FitBit HR Charger work. The springs are too strong or the pins are too long so it’s always popping out and I’m too lazy to order a new cable from Fitbit itself (for $20). So one Gear Tie and voila, the cable works as intended. Cost? about 75 cents and some stubborn ingenuity.

FitBit Charger

So far having everything organized and at my finger tips has saved me countless hours of heart burn, but I think the real advantage is that now I am like an electronic medic. People are always forgetting this stuff, their batteries are always running down, they always need a charge, or a cable or a something and I usually have what they need in my travel bag. It feels good to be helpful.

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How to order a flat white

I am by no means an expert in coffee. Last year while traveling in Australia with the family for the good will games I exposed to the “flat white”. I falsely assumed a flat white was simply the Aussie name for a latte. 

I was quickly corrected. 
I won’t bore you with all the debate about what a flat white is or isn’t. Just try one if you get the chance. What I would say is that for me it is a smoother, stronger, sweeter drink than a latte. 
Although Starbucks has started to offer the drink here in America, I still get baffled looks at most coffee shops when I try to order the drink. 
So here are a few recepies I have tried.
How To Order Flat White

1) order a triple short no-foam latte. (thanks to
2) try to order a double shot latte with less foam. 

Most Kiwis and Aussies will rebel at my formulas, however in a pinch, they may serve an untrained American palette. You should will get what you want – a smoothe,r stronger coffee beverage. 

There are lots of websites that debate what makes a good a flat white, and if you are an expert you won’t need my help.  For a mere mortal however, these two instructions may help you and a clueless barista at an airport get closer to what you both want. You will help her make a drink you can enjoy. 

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