Facts Suck

Or the death of a good story.

So I was talking about Coral Castle with some friends, and I remembered some stuff from T. Lobsang Rampa (thanks for the reference dad).  And then it hit me.  When I first heard about these things… there was no internet.

Funny, I wondered what the internet had to say… sigh.  Facts suck.

First Coral Castle.  If no one saw Ed Leedskalnin lift this stones, then no one owned a pretty decent camera back in the thirties to take these pictures.
Apparently the secret of the great pyramids was a block and tackle.  Or as Ed was quoted as saying, “he understood the laws of weight and leverage well”

Well, turns out another trouble maker from FLINT Michigan learned those laws of weight and leverage pretty well too.  Only this guy is alive today and owns a video camera.

A carpenter by the name of W.T. Wallington it seams figured out that if you understand the laws of weight and leverage you can move around some pretty massive stones with not a lot of effort, BY YOURSELF.


Check out his videos.  They are ridiculous.  Turns out a very heavy stone is exceptionally stable on a fulcrum.  In other words, stick a pebble under a big hard stone and you can move it easily.  The heavier it is, the more stable it is.  In his words:

once a weight is close to balance on a single point, rotation can be initiated and the object becomes stable

For those of you keeping score at home (check your physics text), the clever idea here is that he’s using the LOAD as the LEVER.  By using the principles of balance and inertia he is able to move really have stuff quite easily.

You’ve got to check out his videos showing moving these things around.

Finally, he kills my pyramid odyssey dream.  (one of my favorite books).  Because he does what no one else seemed to be willing to do – some MATH.  Turns out, with these techniques, you might not need that many people to build the pyramids.  At least not as many as people thought.

For continuous hoisting at the Great Pyramid working a 40 hour week, 50 weeks a year, and for 25 years, only 20 horse power would be required.

If you watch his videos (see the Egyptian Hoist) it becomes obvious that a little ingenuity, and some clever use of physics makes man a pretty awesome creature in his own right.  No extra-terretrials needed.

Doh, that clever, clever brain of ours!

So I’m a little sad that these fun stories appear to be no more than that, fun stories.  But how cool is that we live in an era where not only did someone figure it out, they videoed it and put it on line for my entertainment!

Brilliant.  Wait, maybe we DO live in magical times.

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