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I wish my websites where this simple

Came across what appeared to be a very nifty IDE. If you are making simple relatively stand alone websites Coda is absolutely genius. It’s available through the App Store, but I bought it via download.

What makes it so slick is that it’s a bit of Komodo, Safari, CSS Edit, FileZilla, SVN and Terminal in one package. It’s super easy to flip between Editing, Previewing, Uploading and working with version control all mixed into one. It has those nice little Mac touches (brace matching doesn’t just change the color of the brace, it hits with with a radar blip animation to really draw your attention).

What’s more it updates as you work, so working with CSS, this feels like a really really solid replacement for CSS Edit.

However, for heavy duty app work – I still find myself going back to Komodo, CornerStone, and Firefox.


  1. Debugging. If I need to debug something, Komodo’s integrated debugger is genius and that saves me more time than anything.
  2. Code Folding. Komodo supports folding code in the editor so I can quickly compress classes and functions and get a quick overview of my code.
  3. Better CompletionCoda does a great job of offering completion suggestions for standard calls, but Komodo actually scans your code and most of the time does a great job of making suggestions from the local variables, or class definitions. that makes it a lot easier to use verbose or self documenting variables names.
  4. Batch Checking, Revert, and CompareI might be missing something but I couldn’t find a way to submit all my changes as once. Further, I couldn’t find a way to revert to the latest version of a file and I don’t see a way to do a quick file compare. Of course Komodo doesn’t support that last one either, but Cornerstone really makes these things easy to do.
  5. console.log() isn’t good enoughThere are times you just really need a javascript debugger and the one from Apple and Firebug are both fantastic.
  6. Syntax Highlighting Gets LostFor historical reasons we work with large files. Coda often gets lost parsing those files and we lose syntax highlighting. That’s disappointing.

All in all if I had a simple (view php file) website that was basically HTML and CSS then Coda is fantastic. I’ll keep working with it, but it’s interesting the things you can learn working with a new tool. What I really do love about it, is that it keeps all of my Site information in one package – Terminal login (so I can check out changes on the server). FTP so I can move files back and forth.

What would really be great of all these features is if Coda would implement code folding and fix the syntax highlighting. I’ll keep running it for a while, but at $99 it’s one of my more expensive tools.

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