Audio Gem: Unstuff Your Life By Andrew Mellen

This mornings Audio-Gem comes from Unstuff your Life by Andrew Mellen. First, he makes a bunch of resources available through his website, and the one you want is: downloads where you can get a bunch of really cool and useful worksheets for free from his website.

Unstuff Your Life!

Todays core idea: You are not your stuff. What I find interesting is that this exactly matches what Eckhart Tolle has been teaching in his books such as The Power of Now, and Stillness Speaks, is that one of the problems most people have is that we have become fully identified with “form”. Mostly he talks about thought forms, (you are not your thoughts) but also, we have become our stuff.

I remember my Dad telling me that you have to be careful for the stuff you own will own you. In a similar veign, when Stacy and I travelled around the world I heard from a travel agent at Trail Finders in London, “To travel far and fast you have to travel light.” We travelled for four months with just the backpacks on our backs.

Today feels very far from those days, but I find it interesting that an idea from a spiritualist such as Eckhart Tolle would intersect so nicely with an organizational guru such as Andrew Mellen. If Mr. Tolles ideas do indeed have a practical application – such as making it easier to let go of the things that “stuff up our lives”, I wonder what else he is saying could have practical implications?

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