Pen Review: ONLINE German Fountain Pen

ONLINE German Fountain Pen Review

I bought an ONLINE  Germany Fountain pen while I was in Perth.  I had never heard of ONLINE German Pens before, and I certainly had never seen them in the US.  The pen was a brilliant blue and was part of the Vision line of pens.  I was pretty excited when I found it on sale for $50 (About $45 US).  The pen wrote surprisingly well.  It uses an international (Waterman) cartridge.

ONLINE German Fountain Pen

The Nib

The Germans are famous for making good nibs.  I think only the Japanese surpass them today.   The pen wrote extremely well and the cap posts well on the body.  It was designed for that.  The pen had a good length, was light, easy to hold and the ink flowed very well.

In fact, it had only one difficulty.  The cap does not like to stay on when closed.  Something about the tolerance with the plastic body.  It’s a real shame because aside from that this would be a fantastic pen at a pretty reasonable price.

ONLINE German Fountain Pen

Despite the trouble with the cap, I wrote the pen out (completing a full cartridge of ink).  It rarely skipped, and started flawlessly every time I picked it up.  The ink flow was nice and smooth, and despite being a medium it wrote more toward  what I consider a fine nib to be.  All in all the ONLINE German Fountain Pen was a nice pen for the money, but finding it in the US is a bit tricky.

Where to find one? which turned up in a google search carries a wide range of ONLINE German Fountain Pens.  I bought mine at T. Sharp & Company in Perth.  As nice as the ONLINE wrote, the problem with the cap will keep it from getting into my everyday rotation.

It turns out you CAN find ONLINE German Fountain Pens – a very limited selection at least – on Amazon but you have to search for special key terms such as: Online Business Line, or Online Pens of Germany.

Wow, these photos did not come out as clear and crisp as I had hoped.  My apologies.  I included the quarters for reference to show how big it is, about 6 1/2 quarters tall.



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